Herend Starfish Multicolor

By Herend

Herend Herend Starfish Multicolor

Limited Edition Size = 150 The starfish’s allure does not usually come from its tough armor of calcium carbonate but the talented artists at Herend have used it as inspiration to create a shimmering figurine. By combining the nubby texture with beautiful fishnet colors from all depths of the aquatic realm, highlighted with touches of pink and bold accents of gold, the effect created is one of a twinkling starfish closely resembling his brethren in the sky.

Brand: Herend
Pattern: Herend Reserve Collection
Made in: Hungary
Material: Porcelain
Color: Multicolor
Size: 9.5in L X 9.25in W X 1.75in H
Category: Collectible Figurines
SKU: VHS13216105-0-00
GTIN: 5992633295753