Herend Seahorse

By Herend

Herend Herend Seahorse

Limited Edition Size = 150 Since they are poor swimmers, seahorses use their body armor and their ability to change colors to protect and camouflage themselves from predators. They also use their color-changing ability to communicate emotions and this fellow is clearly bubbling over with happiness. To blend in with his surroundings, he is mirroring an aquatic garden of stylized anemones nestled among a frothy landscape and swirling cascades all imbued with a rainbow of color. Of course, he is still a Herend seahorse so saturated strokes of rust fishnet serve to “anchor” him to the beautiful coral and gold seashells and prevent him from drifting away on the whim of the ocean current.

Brand: Herend
Pattern: Herend Marine Animals
Made in: Hungary
Material: Porcelain
Color: Multicolor
Size: 5.75in L X 8.75in H
Category: Collectible Figurines
SKU: VHS11216026-0-00
GTIN: 5992633223435