Herend Carousel Horse

By Herend

Herend Herend Carousel Horse

Limited Edition Size = 150 Summer, fun, the distant murmur of happiness and music carried on the wind, this figurine embodies the thrill of a joyful day. Freshly painted for the season, this horse is sure to be the most popular choice during those hectic seconds when the gates to the merry-go-round open and picking the best carousel horse seems critically important. Vibrant, colorful roses, striking gold tassels and a stance which holds the promise of an adventure complete the scene.

Brand: Herend
Pattern: Herend Horses
Made in: Hungary
Material: Porcelain
Color: Multicolor
Size: 3.5in L X 6.75in W X 6.75in H
Category: Collectible Figurines
SKU: VHS13615875-0-00
GTIN: 5992633325405