Herend Pair of Turtles

By Herend

Herend Herend Pair of Turtles

Limited Edition size = 175 A turtle pyramid is the best way to reach up for those critical UV rays and to soak up some essential heat. In this case, the sun is also shining a spotlight on this lounging duo’s arresting mix of Herend’s classic fishnet pattern combined with vivid streaks of color. The result is a dramatic variation on the turtles’ usual camouflage painted to reflect the colors found in the diverse layers of the pond they like to call home.

Brand: Herend
Pattern: Herend Reserve Collection
Made in: Hungary
Material: Porcelain
Color: Multicolor
Size: 3.7in H X 8.5in L X 4.5in W
Category: Collectible Figurines
SKU: VHS13715837-0-00
GTIN: 5992633329854